Lost your kids to their devices?

Get them back now, while developing healthy screen habits for life.

Are your kids spending too much time watching YouTube, binging Netflix or scrolling Tik Tok? Staying up all night gaming? You know it’s not healthy for them or for your family.

Meet the The Sofia Family™ Universal Screen Time Manager

This easy to set up and use parenting tool lets you monitor and manage the amount of time your kids spend on gaming, entertainment, and social media.  Across all devices. Online and offline. At home and away.

Finally you can restore balance in your kids’ life by setting healthy limits on screen time.

Here's How!

Quickly see what Everyone’s Doing

See how much time your family spends on gaming, entertainment and social media across all devices. This includes mobile phones, tablets, computers, game consoles, media streamers, smart TV’s – even cable / satellite boxes and disc players. For the first time, parents and kids can have a complete view of screen time – both overall time, and how the time was spent.

Set simple, flexible limits for each family member

With just a few clicks, the Sofia Family mobile app lets you set simple, flexible screen time limits per activity for each family member regardless of the device they choose. When someone reaches a limit on any device, Sofia Family blocks that activity across all devices – but still lets them use their computers and devices for writing papers, reading books, or expressing creativity.

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You don’t have to fight over Screen Time

Digital parenting doesn’t have to be a daily source of conflict. While nobody likes to be controlled, kids understand the need for family rules. Sofia Family lets you set healthy limits while giving your kids flexibility in how they use their screen time. 

Sofia Family supports healthy parent-child relationships based on trust and collaboration – not power and control. Kids have flexibility to choose how to use their screen time, and receive accurate feedback through their Activity Report. Over time, this helps kids learn how to make better decisions, with the ultimate goal of developing healthy screen time habits for life.

Reduce conflict over screen time and protect the well-being of your kids with Sofia Family

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So Simple, Even a Parent can Use it!

You don’t need to be a computer geek to set up Sofia Family. If you can download apps on your phone and set up consumer devices like an Apple TV or Amazon Echo Dot, you will be good to go. 


Sofia Family is also easy to use. Parents set four simple limits –for gaming, entertainment, social media, and an overall daily limit – and decide whether or not to block activity when a limit is reached. Sofia Family takes care of the rest. There’s no need to assign apps to categories or to set limits for each device or app – saving a great deal of time and aggravation.

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Manages time across all devices
Mobile Devices
Smart TVs
Traditional TV
Media Streamers
Game Consoles
* Currently, the Sofia Family App for iOS allows family members to view activity reports, set time limits, access devices managed by the Sofia Family Hub, and more. However, the Sofia Family App will not track screen time or block activity on iOS or Mac OS until fall 2021.
Not all Screen Time is the Same

You want your kids doing homework, research and art with their devices. And you want them to have fun and socialize too! It’s all about balance. Sofia Family will help you teach your kids to better self- regulate their own time. Because they have control over what they do with their time, within the boundaries you set, they will learn to make better choices to maximize their enjoyment of the time they do have. 


You can set aside ‘Spaces’ or ‘free-from-digital-distraction time’ for important activities, like meal time, family time or study time. Sofia Family will limit activities, but still allow them to use their devices for phone calls, education and any app you choose to always allow.


With ‘Bedtime’ Sofia Family limits digital activity at the times you choose, which is important for everyone’s wellbeing.  

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A Solution That Actually Works

When it comes to devices, you know your kids are probably smarter than you. But they’re not smarter than the Sofia Family™ Universal Screen Time Manager. Because Sofia Family tracks activity by user, not device or app, it’s harder for them to bypass the system since they can’t just  switch devices or networks, or disconnect from the system (you will be alerted if that happens!).


Other screen time managers (like router-based systems) work by controlling access to one network, so they can’t manage offline gaming, downloaded videos, or cable TV. They can’t tell which family member is using a device. And they are easily circumvented by connecting to a different network — meaning they only monitor activity when devices are being used online. 


The Sofia Family™ Universal Screen Time Manager is smarter. It manages both online and offline activity. Your tv, game consoles and streaming boxes are attached to the Sofia Family Hub so you can track and limit activity that no other screen time managers can accomplish. 

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