How to talk to your kids about screen time limits.

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As many parents attempt to return back to some of their pre-pandemic screen time limits, the pushback from kids is inevitable. Here are a few ways to start the conversation with your kids about the need for implementing screen time limits with your family system.

Talk about your family values: It’s important for kids to understand what your family values. Whether it’s contributing to the household through chores and going outside for at least 60 minutes a day, or eating dinner together and reading for 30 minutes daily (or all of those things, an more), kids need to know what your family values, and why it’s important for them to participate. Just make sure you’re participating too.

Talk about their physical and mental health: Spending long hours consuming technology (versus creating, by the way) can have detrimental health effects. It’s imperative that your kids understand them, and realize that it’s not just you as the parent trying to control what they’re doing, but rather, you’re doing your job of keeping them healthy.

Talk about your own screen time: If you’re going to set (and enforce) limits with your kids, it’s important that they see you model those limits and boundaries as well. If you’re telling them to get off their screens and you can’t put your own phone down, you lose a lot of credibility.

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