How to balance screen time for school and screen time for fun

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How to balance screens for school and screens for fun

As kids head back to school, many parents are struggling with screen time balance, especially since there are a large number of kids still doing virtual school this year. Beyond education, kids use screens as a way to socialize with their peers.

So, how can parents can mitigate the need for kids to be on screens for learning purposes, and their desire to be on screens for entertainment and socialization?

A simple way parents can teach balance is to create a questionnaire that their kids answer each day. This works for kids of all ages, and can be adjusted accordingly. Here are some questions to consider asking your child — whether it’s verbal or written — to help determine their screen life balance.

  1. Did you move your body for at least 30 minutes?
  2. Did you engage in an offline hobby for at least 30 minutes?
  3. Did you go outside?
  4. Did you see or talk to a friend offline?
  5. Did you read a book, magazine, or comic book for at least 30 minutes?

As it turns out, these are excellent guidelines for adults, too. And if you’re all using these questions as a family, you can all work together to achieve screen life balance together.



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