How tech saved our kids during the pandemic.

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You’ll find no shortage of articles about kids and screen time reminding you that they’re getting too much. If you’re a parent, then there’s a good chance you already know that.

But what we haven’t heard quite enough about is how technology has helped them through a pandemic. As we attempt to navigate a transition back to some level of normalcy, let’s look at how screen time and technology have actually given kids a lifeline during a terribly difficult time.


Our kids have stayed connected with their friends and family through technology. Whether it’s through Zoom, playing video games, or just straight up texting, our kids have been able to get the socialization they need (or close to it) with screens.


Online school has definitely been a challenge, but it’s been the one constant our kids have had, at one level or another, through the pandemic. Without  online school, there wouldn’t have been  any school at all.


It’s easy to think that screen time is all consumption, and if you’re not careful, it certainly can be. But kids can do a lot of creating on screen time, whether it’s shooting videos for TikTok, or making collages for Instagram.

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