The Sofia Family Universal Screen Time Manager

Sofia Family seamlessly manages time spent in gaming, entertainment and social media across all of your devices through one simple app.

Simple to Set Up, Simple to Use


The Sofia Family App

Download and install the Sofia Family App onto your mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Now you are ready to set simple, flexible limits for each family member, quickly check activity reports, and powerfully manage screen time by activity across all devices.

Family members use their mobile phones, tablets, and computers just like normal. Sofia Family works quietly in the background to track screen time for each family member and block activity when a limit is reached.  

The Sofia Family Hub

Using HDMI cables, simply connect the Hub to your smart TV and up to four video devices connected to the TV – such as game consoles, media streamers, cable / satellite box, disc player, etc. Then connect the Hub to your WiFi network using the Sofia Family App, and you are all set.

To use a device managed by the Hub, a family member selects the device from the Access screen in the Sofia Family mobile App – just like selecting an input on your TV. Sofia Family tracks time for that family member, and automatically turns off access when they reach their limit for that activity.

Putting Sofia Family to Work

Screen time saved us during the pandemic, but now that we’re slowly getting back to normal, you’re worried about the damage that too much screen time is doing to your children. You want to get back to a more regulated screen time routine. Sofia Family can help make the process smoother, while teaching kids how to self-regulate. 

Talk to Your Kids About What You’re Doing

Even if you’re starting with children who don’t have control over their devices, it’s best to start by having a conversation about why it’s time for the family to start thinking about putting boundaries on screen time. Help your kids understand why limits are necessary and that they will have a say on what those limits should be. Plus, let them know they will have freedom to choose how they spend the time that they do have.

Understand Your Family’s Screen Time Health

Because the Sofia Family Universal Screen Manager will automatically start tracking screen time across three categories: gaming, entertainment and social media, begin with monitoring.  After a few days, you will be able to see how each member of the family is spending their time and where there may be problem areas that need to be addressed.

Flexible and Easy Management

Setting up and editing limits on all activities for each child only takes a few clicks. Because Sofia Family is centered around activities, there’s no need to worry about which app or device needs attention: when limits are met, that activity can be blocked on all devices.

A Child’s View

Teach your kids how to use Sofia Family to their benefit. Their version of the app will let them see how close they are to their time limits.  Show how they get to make time decisions and how they can ask for more time in appropriate situations. 

Adjust Based on Feedback

The longer you use Sofia Family, everyone should become more adept at managing their own time. As you see positive screen time habits form, and screen time health improve, it’s easy to make adjustments as required.

Need help?

Visit the Sofia Family Digital Parenting Center.