Sofia Family Features

Sofia Family has the functionality you need to help monitor and limit your kids’ gaming, social media and entertainment activity across all the devices in your home


Additional Cool Features


Limiting digital activity during bedtime is important for everyone’s well-being. During bedtime, Sofia Family limits all digital activity, except phone calls on mobile devices.


Create space free from digital distraction for other fun or important activities, like mealtime, family time or dedicated study time. Sofia Family limits activities, but still allows mobile devices and computers to be used for productivity, creativity, utilities, phone calls, and any app you choose to always allow.

At a Glance Views for Parents and Children

The simple app interface gives parents “at-a-glance” views of your entire family’s screen time activity or app usage.  This makes it easy for you to identify problem areas. Kids get a view of their own activity so they can learn to better manage their time.

Flexible and Easy Activity Management

You can set individual time limits or guidelines for each of your kids that will work across all of the screen time devices in your home. Changing/editing guidelines for any user for any activity only takes a few clicks.

Online and Offline, At Home and Away

Because Sofia Family is app based, it can track activity time whether online or offline across most of your devices. Your kids can’t get around time limits just by taking their video or gaming offline or hopping onto another network, like a public hotspot or a neighbor’s WiFi!

Virtually Kid Proof!

Kids are good at figuring out technology and finding loopholes! Thankfully, Sofia Family will detect any disruption to the system, like unplugging a device or the hub, or trying to uninstall the software, and will immediately notify the parents with an alert.

Continuous Feedback

Sofia Family provides you and your kids continual feedback on how everyone is using and managing their time. This will help everyone to learn how to make good choices to get the most enjoyment out of the screen time that’s been given!

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