Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Location: Denver or Remote (North or South America only)

Job Type: Full-Time

Visa Sponsorship: Not Available

Experience: 7+ years

$80 - 120K : 0.0% - 1.0%

The Platform
We have developed a unique platform to help families better manage their digital screen-time across a variety of devices. This not only includes our patented hardware technology, but also all major operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, MacOs. An early prototype of this technology has been developed on Android, Windows and Web as well as our Hardware. We are moving to user testing in the coming weeks and months while we begin our customer acquisition and marketing research.

The Role
You love to code and learn new technologies. You have a proven track-record with 6+ years of experience building a variety of products in SaaS, mobile and Web. Diversity and breadth of technical knowledge are part of your strength, as is attention to detail, velocity and ability to work as part of a team. You know what “good” looks like and people say you are a good communicator and nice to work with. As you’ve been working for a while, you’ve accumulated experience across the full stack including the development of front end tech (such as React / Angular), mobile apps, and API development. No new language scares you as you know they all do pretty much the same things. You love rapid iteration to solve problems, but also desire good code structure and type-safety. You know your way around Linux servers and are comfortable with DevOps on cloud infrastructure. You are a master of finding sample code or details on the web to help to assemble solutions to problems quickly by leveraging what others have done.

Does this sound like you?
In this role, you will work and collaborate closely with the CTO and a small, scrappy, agile team of developers to build / develop a number of technologies across multiple platforms. You will help not only to develop the tech, but also work with the team to ensure that we have solid infrastructure, data pipeline, test automation and CI for our backend and front-end applications. You will be a key member in helping to shape our platform and processes as we go from prototype to launch over the coming months.

The Tech:
You will be learning and working with the team on:

  • Our backend API and services (Node+TS+Serverless: Mongo, Redis, PubSub, MQTT) on GCP

  • Native Client applications on Android, Windows, MacOS, iOS (using various languages) Web Applications (React+Redux)

  • VPN Client and Server software

  • Data ingestion and Processing from thousands of IoT devices and Client applications

  • Software Integration via MQTT with our proprietary hardware device

  • Implementation and decisioning around developing scalable and secure SaaS infrastructure to support millions of devices as we grow

  • IoT and Home automation integration, supporting and possibly championing some of the development and decisioning around our build pipelines, coding standards and technical infrastructure across our various technologies

Requirements and Attributes:

  • 8+ years of experience in the engineering field with a track record of making architectural decisions and providing technical leadership on project teams

  • Experience in developing production ready, scalable and secure backend APIs

  • GCP, PubSub, IoT Core knowledge is a plus

  • Expert knowledge of API development (ideally in Node/Typescript)

  • Strong Experience with both relational and document databases

  • Top-to-bottom ownership of new features and function, including crafting technical specs, writing readable and extensible code

  • Deep Experience with various web frameworks and libraries in Node.js, Python (Pyramid, Django), JavaScript (React) or other language (Ruby on Rails)

  • Experience with (or confidence and willingness in ramping up on) native development

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