How to stop fighting over screen time

As parents ourselves, we know how difficult screen time management can be. We’ve spent way too many hours fighting about it with our own kids, which is why we decided to create Sofia Family in the first place. What we’ve discovered is that digital parenting doesn’t need to involve fighting over screen time. With these […]

The 3 problems with TikTok (and 3 benefits, too).

TikTok is a popular place for tweens and teens these days, but it definitely comes with some safety concerns. Here are 3 problems that parents should know about, plus a few benefits, too. Relationships with people kids don’t know. TikTok makes forming relationships with strangers super easy, with random people leaving comments, and even sending […]

How to create a smartphone contract with your kids.

Before you purchase a smartphone for your kids, you might want to consider creating a smartphone contract. This will help determine everything from who owns the phone, what rules you have with the phone, and what happens if the phone is lost or damaged. Whether you decide to create something formal and in writing, or […]

If you’re going to limit screen time, you need to invest in down time.

A few weeks ago, I had a chat with Jordan Shapiro, researcher and author of The New Childhood: Raising Kids to Thrive in a Connected World, about screen time limits, and he brought up an important point. If parents are going to make an effort to limit their kid’s screen time, what are they going […]

How to raise a good digital citizen

Just because our kids are digital natives doesn’t mean they know how to use the Internet and technology. They may certainly be early adopters, but it’s up to parents to teach them the ins and outs of digital citizenship. In this video, our digital parenting expert Kristen Chase shares various ways to help you raise […]

5 reasons why you need a screen time manager.

As parents ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to manage kids’ screen time. We also know how difficult it can be to add another app and gadget into your already busy and complicated life. So what does a screen time manager do that you can’t already do yourself with a timer or a […]