About Us

Hello – I’m Bill Connors, President and Cofounder of Sofia Family. 

I’m also the father of four teenagers. As my kids were growing up – and as the number of devices in our home exploded – helping my kids limit the time spent on their devices became a daily struggle. For years, I tried every solution available for managing screen time, and found that none could really help us to manage simple family rules across all of the devices in our home. 

  • “Let’s limit video games to 8 hours per week” 
  • “Please use social media no more than 90 minutes a day”
  • “No screen time after 9 PM on school nights”

For our family, these rules were less about ‘parental control’, and more about helping our kids to experience all the joys of childhood, and to develop into young adults whose lives are not consumed by screens. 

Wanting a better solution available for families everywhere, I started Sofia Family with a vision for creating a universal screen time manager that helps families develop healthy screen time habits for life. 

We are a passionate team with decades of combined experience in technology development, new business leadership, child development, and digital parenting. We work hard every day to help families like yours to navigate the unique challenges of raising kids – and being kids! – in a digital world. 

Let us know how we can help. 


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