5 ways to make your phone less distracting.

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As much as we’d like to get a break from our phones (and help our kids to do the same), we need them – for work, for getting around, for taking photos… you get the idea. However, there are some ways you can make them much less distracting. This way, you can keep them within an arm’s reach, but not always feel the draw to be checking them constantly.

Logout of your apps: If you know that you need to be productive, simply logout of the most tempting apps (which are usually things like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok). Just make sure you have your login credentials nearby so you can log back in when you need to.

Turn off your notifications: When you’re at a meal, or with your kids, or just need a break, it’s pretty easy to turn off all your notifications. You can go app to app, or you can just do a sweeping “Do Not Disturb,” which won’t allow anything but the notifications you do want (like your kids calling you) to get through.

Go grey (or clear off your home screen completely): By turning your phone to grey scale, it suddenly becomes much less distracting. However, it’s not really like you’re hiding anything, so if you’re determined, you can still find the apps you shouldn’t be looking for. Another trick: move everything to the 2nd, 3rd or 4th screen. This way, when you open your phone, there’s absolutely nothing to distract you.

Wear a wristwatch (or an Apple Watch): So many people reach for their phone to check the time. It’s a natural habit. So, consider wearing a wrist watch to cut out that whole step. You will find you’ll be picking up your phone a whole lot less. Another watch solution: An Apple Watch. It really does help cut down on the amount of times you’re picking up your phone because you can peek at all the notifications easily, then determine whether they really need your attention (or not).

Put your phone away: Yes, this seems obvious, but just plugging it in away from you for certain times of the day will make you a whole lot more productive. You can also let people know that you’re doing this (let’s say for certain hours of the evening), so if they need to reach you, they should just actually call (versus) text.

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