5 ways to engage with your kids using technology.

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Generally speaking, we know that parents are trying to cut back on their kids’ screen time. However, technology can be a wonderful way for parents, especially parents of teens, to connect with their kids in a meaningful way. By acknowledging their interest in technology and screen time, you’re acknowledging them, which is what kids really need: to be seen, heard, and loved. Plus, you may find that you actually enjoy yourself. Imagine that.

Build Something: Whether it’s a cool Bluetooth speaker, a robot, or even a gaming computer, working together with your child on building a gadget or toy can be a fantastic way to bond with them.

Play Something: Video games aren’t just for kids. From Madden to Mario Kart, and lots of fun, family games in between, gaming with your kids can be a good way to connect with your kids and let off some steam.

Create Something: Do you think those TikTok videos or Reels just post themselves? There’s a ton of effort that goes into filming, editing, and posting one of those videos. Learn a popular dance! Host your own 60-second cooking show! You might be surprised at how much fun you end up having.

Watch Something: Movie nights seem pretty rare these days, so fire up the microwave popcorn and watch a movie or binge a show together. If you’re feeling extra daring, pop one of their favorite YouTubers on the screen and discover what makes them a fan.

Let Them Teach You Something: If you’re raising a digital native, there’s a good chance they know way more than you do about everything from their phone to their computer, and all the apps you can imagine (and some you probably can’t). Ask them for help! Have them teach you how to use a cool feature on your Instagram account! Just those simple requests can go a very long way.

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