5 ways kids are creating content with their screen time

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It’s easy to lump all screen time together. You see your kid on their phone or their computer and you automatically jump to the conclusion that they’re watching mindless YouTube videos. However, studies show there is a huge difference between tech creating and tech consumption. With that in mind, let’s look at 5 ways kids are actually creating content with their screen time.

Creating TikTok videos: My oldest daughter just hit 100K followers on TikTok with her creative cosplay account. She creates her own costumes and make-up looks, and edits all her own videos. Kids are creating videos on everything from recipes to crafts, so before you assume they’re just watching dances (which hey, they might be), keep in mind there’s a whole lot of creating that’s happening on that p platform, too. (We’re on TikTok too, by the way!)

Creating YouTube videos: With so many people on YouTube these days, it’s no surprise that kids and teens are gravitating to the platform as content creators. Whether it’s gaming videos, hauls, or vlogs, there are some amazing opportunities for kids to use their filming and editing skills to create amazing content that they might even be able to monetize.

Livestreams on Twitch (and other platforms): There’s definitely an art to livestreaming, which has become popular on Twitch. Lots of kids are creating their own channels where they talk about everything from gaming to politics, and lots in between.

Coding on their computer: My son learned a bunch of amazing skills in his coding class this year, all of which he’s applied to creating various websites. While they may not be for public consumption (since they’re still fairly under construction), I am happy to see him working on them in his free time, even if it means he’s on a screen.

Writing fan fiction on their phone: My 13-year old creating a Harry Potter fan fiction texting account that grew to over 50K followers this year, but in addition, she started writing her own books. There’s no shortage of fan fiction all over the web, some written by kids as young as my daughter, and given that she’s a digital native, she wants to write the whole thing typing on her phone.

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