5 reasons why you need a screen time manager.

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As parents ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to manage kids’ screen time. We also know how difficult it can be to add another app and gadget into your already busy and complicated life. So what does a screen time manager do that you can’t already do yourself with a timer or a reward chart, or even the built-in parental controls on your Apple or Android device? Here, 5 reasons we think a screen time manager is a smart choice for families, whether you’re just starting your digital parenting journey, or you’re in the thick of it.

1. You’ve already got enough to do. We know this is the obvious statement of the century, but it’s important to reiterate this. We’ve learned through parenting our own kids that it doesn’t get easier, it just gets… different. And like you may have heard before: bigger kids, bigger problems. We arm ourselves with all sorts of parenting tools to help make our jobs easier, so why wouldn’t we add a screen time manager to our toolbox?

2. You don’t want to argue anymore. We started Sofia Family because we were tired of fighting about screen time with our kids. We never actually tracked the number of minutes (possibly even hours) a day we spent negotiating and arguing about who could use what screen and for how long, not to mention the battling to get them off. A screen time manager functions as a conduit, so the onus doesn’t fall completely on you. Like the saying goes: Hate the game, not the player.

3. You’re dealing with digital natives. We are attempting to parent kids who have never known a payphone, and have always known a smartphone. That means they’re just going to be quicker and savvier when it comes to technology, and quite frankly, the analog methods we’re using to help teach our kids balance and time management might not be the best choice. It’s important to meet kids where they are, and in this case, they’re already light years ahead of us. A screen time manager allows you to be nimble and adapt to your kids’ ever changing technological needs and abilities.

4. You’re tired of the failing built-in controls. Like you, we’re glad that gadgets come with parental controls. But most are aimed at helping parents sift through content, not assisting them in teaching them time management and balance, especially considering apps are designed to try to keep people on them longer. A screen time manager isn’t necessarily about control; it offers parents an effective way to teach skills that they’ll need throughout their entire life, when they don’t have parent there to press a button and turn off their distractions.

5. You don’t want screen time to run your life. We know from our own experience how pervasive this issue is for families. And quite frankly, you’ve got better things to do with your time and energy than constantly worry about how much screen time your kids are getting and how long they’ve been on a certain gadget. A screen time manager can give you your kids, your family, and your life back.

To learn more about the Sofia Family screen time manager, visit our website, SofiaFamily.com.

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