5 gadgets to make back to school a little easier

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5 cool gadgets to make back to school easier

Back to school is here, and while we know how much our students will be using their computers or chrome books, along with tablets, phones, and printers (oh my!), there are other handy gadgets that should be on your shopping list.

1. Good headphones: While headphones are generally on most back to school lists, make sure you grab a pair of good ones, especially since kids are doing a lot more learning than usual on their computers. Pro tip: Get a pair for home too, for days where they might be learning from home.

2. A regular old alarm clock: While smart phones do come with alarm clocks, it’s not a bad idea to get a standalone alarm clock so that you can keep screen time distractions at night (and the morning) to a minimum.

3. Portable charger: If you’ve got older kids who might be staying after school for activities, or walk home from school, arming them with a portable battery charger is a smart safety move. You’ll ensure that they’re never phone less during times when they might need to get ahold you (or vice versa).

4. Cord and cable organizer: With all the charging cables for their phones, chrome books, tablets, and more, a cord or cable organizer, like the Cocoon Grid-It, is a smart choice to help keep their backpack organized.

5. Bluetooth trackers: You bought all those expensive gadgets, along with backpacks and lunch bags, so why not use tech to keep track of it. Trackers, like Tile, make it easy to find anything that might have gone missing.

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